Dear Kristina Linn,

I am writing this reference letter at the request of Kristina Linn. She has asked me to write this general letter which she may show to any prospective employer who asks him/her for references.

Kristina Linn, born on 20.10.1980 in Mainz, was in the period from 01.10.2008 till 30.09.2011 as a student in the Schule für Physiotherapie am Pulverturm in Mainz. The School of Physiotherapy is a public school that includes 3 classes to 28 students. The training takes place related to practice. During the training, the students come into the clinics of Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery, surgery and ambulance station, orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, psychiatry and neurology used.

Ms. Linn has carried out all our usual physiotherapy methods (PNF, ADT, Manual Therapy, MLD, Bobath, Vojta, BGM) in individual and group treatments.

By attending internal and external training, she has expanded its already extensive knowledge and had to be incorporated at any time capable of new knowledge in their field.

We acknowledge Ms. Linn that she has the tasks entrusted to it very well satisfied. She always showed interest in their area of ​​responsibility, exemplary dedication and great responsibility. Teamwork, reliability and flexibility round out their personality profile.

In dealing with their patients Kristina Linn her empathy was successfully demonstrated and appreciated by their high level of expertise and by their prudent and conscientious way in this very popular and as a therapist. Their behavior towards supervisors, teachers and colleagues was impeccable at all times.

I have known Kristina Linn for three years in my capacity as a teacher at the Universitätsmedizin Mainz. Based on Kristina Linn grades, along with her excellent attendance and class participation, I’d rate Kristina Linn performance in my class as very well.

Kristina Linn has a number of strengths. She often exhibited excellent leadership to lead groups and then organizing the group’s project quickly and efficiently. This attribute would serve Kristina Linn well in the position of a therapist in Australia.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Kristina Linn. If her performance in my class is any indication of how she perform on the job. Kristina Linn will be a positive addition to your physiotherapists in Australia.

Sincerely yours

Jürgen Griesinger
(Physiotherapeut, Manualtherapeut, Osteopath, Osteopath für Kinder, Lehrkraft für Physiotherapie, B. Sc.)